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Wednesday, 14 December 2016

2min 35sec clip by #apple about their design team - and 8 tips I've summarised from the clip for #design teams

some points from the clip: 

1) they are a small design team that have worked together for 20/25 years

2) they've learnt the importance of listening - the very best ideas can often come from the quietest voice

3) ideas are extremely fragile & not predictable as to when you'll have them and how many you'll have

4) their team and its environment increases the probability of good ideas appearing - and when they actually arrive can nurture them

5) the design studio is a workshop - they make lost & lots of models & prototypes - designing & making really should be inseparable

6) the hallmark of the group is to be inquisitive & ask a lot of questions

7) they've made it a practice to ignore all the reasons why something shouldn't be possible

8) of course as designers they live in the future - they're so consumed by what they haven't done yet

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