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Wednesday, 18 November 2015

the Premier Digital Conference 2015 #PremDAC15 - a 15 point mega summary - plus a bit more detail after that

- the theme of the conference was Create.  If you have some notes for the bits I haven't covered then by all means let me have them. I'll then use them to edit the fuller storify post embedded below so it becomes a more complete summary of the day.

At the foot of this post are various other posts you may find useful

And if you're short of time here are 15 quotes from the conference as a mega summary

1) Be a digital kingdom seeker not an empire builder

2) Be a social media luminary - we are called to kick the darkness until it bleeds daylight

My dad the Artisan by Miriam Swaffield from Rachel Jordan on Vimeo.

3) The future belongs to the story tellers and the connectors

4) Drag and drop software allows churches to create their own apps for smartphones

5) Have a style guide for your blog and be clear who signs off on content being published

6) Think about how and when you share stories, in the moment might not always work

7) To create a buzz you need to excite people by prompting an emotional response

8) Email is by far the most effective way to get people clicking through to your content

9) Measure, listen and adapt

10) Cash is still the dominant way people give to charities

11) When commenting always assume the other person has had bad news that day

14) Walk into the hopeless areas with a message of 'it is broken but... there is hope' (Digital media flips between two extremes - everything is broken to everything is beautiful.  Of course walking into the broken areas with hope is hard.  It is easy to look at the world through rose tinted, and it is easy to look at the world as if everything is broken. It is harder to show hope in the broken.)

15) the revolution from the digital world has only just started - keep an eye on: the sharing economy; crowd funding; all of us as broadcasters and content curators; audiences crying out for more experiential opportunities

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the development of the U2 spyplane - source = CIA historians Gregory Pedlow & Donald Welzenbach
considering culture and business process improvement  - source = an article by Schmiedel, Theresa, vom Brocke, Jan, & Recker 
ideas that may help you attract older volunteers - source = a paper by Brayley, Nadine, Obst, Patricia L., White, Katherine M., Lewis, Ioni M.,Warburton, Jeni, & Spencer, Nancy
physical factors which help people get better quicker - source = a paper by Salonen, Heidi & Morawska, Lidia 
a new approach to school and education - by Geetha Narayanan 
guiding principles on designing construction kits - by Mitchel Resnick & Brian Silverman
signs of overparenting - source = an article by Locke, Judith, Campbell, Marilyn A., & Kavanagh, David J
making ideas happen - source = a 99U conference

how to spot a liar - by pamela myer 
measuring happiness - source = talk by jim clifton, jim harter, ben leedle

2006  twittr launches

2005  youtube

2004  the facebook online and digg

2001  wikipedia

1999  weblog software launched

1998  Google

1996  HoTMaiL

1995  auctionweb

1994  CERN release a web browser

1984  Apple Macintosh launched

1977  IBM personal computer

1976  mail via computers

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