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Sunday, 15 February 2015

Church Communications - 10 points about #Logos

A Logo ........

1) is a graphic representation of your church & so a way of conveying a message about it

2) ought to be visually consistent with other communications & can anchor the style of such

3) uses the fact that some people better remember symbols rather than text

4) is often the 1st part of the church people come into contact with

5) is a way of getting people's attention, being recognised, being familiar

6) can be a symbol (e.g. Apple computers) or a typeset word or phrase (e.g. Coca-Cola)

7) needs to stand out & avoid being a cliche

8) if well designed can imply a degree of competence

9) & the colours it uses can convey messages (e.g. red=energy, blue = trust, green = relax)

10) & the shapes it uses can convey messages (e.g. angular = speed, rounded = trust)

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