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Saturday, 14 February 2015

10 useful links (no. 6) - journalist chrome tools, online uk constitution, rural resources, stats mag back issues, sci-fi ambient sound loops, knowledge sharing, youthwork, messy church

chrome browser extensions for journalists - found via @PolisLSE

online debate on what a UK constitution should include - from 15/1/15 for 10 weeks

The Arthur Rank Centre - rural ecumencial church resources

Back issues of Significance - launched in March 2004 with a clear remit: to demonstrate the importance of statistics and the contributions it makes in all areas of life.

ambient sound loops from famous tv & movie sci-fi - found via kickstarter - i bet you didn't even know this was a thing did you?

creative church - "We hope this website will help and inspire those who plan worship in parishes, suggesting simple and workable ideas that people can make their own and adapt to their different situations. "

innovations in youthwork - free document - found via @revmaryhawes

the public domain project - 80,000 Videos, Photos, Audio Clips, and Other Media Made Available Online for Free Use - found via laughing squid

messy church (canada) February Newsletter - with loads of ideas & links to resources

knowledge sharing - slides (below) & blog post (by Kandy Woodfieldand a storify of tweets 

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