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Saturday, 13 December 2014

the @c_of_e strategic ppl dev report - y can't they publish it b4 Jan so we can see the underlying theology?

The Church Times recently reported on a CofE report that recommends changes to how people are identified and developed for strategic leadership roles in the church.

Summarising from the Church Times article it appears that:

1) The intention of this and other recommendations in the report is to be more open to leaders from a wider variety of backgrounds and to deliver sustainable organisational change.  

2) In 2015/16 (as far as we can tell):

- 36 diocesan bishops will complete a modular programme;

- 60 (mosty) deans will complete a mini MBA programme;

- 54 bishops & deans will complete a contributing to the common good programme;

- there will be a start to create a talent pool (identified via bishops' nominations) of around 150 people who will be in the pool on average 5 years.  30 or so a year (presumably after a couple of years) will deploy from the pool to senior leadership roles

Much of the above will use tools such as 360 degree feedback, tailored development programmes, performance measurement and an alumni network.

Looking at the feed from my 2800 or so strong public CofE twitter list I'd guesstimate that the comments by CofE tweeters are generally not favourable to what has been reported.

At this stage all I think I would venture to say with any certainty is that:

a) the reported language is very similar to that which secular organisations have adopted (and indeed some diocese have with their strategies)

b) because the report is unpublished it isn't possible to say what theological arguments it makes for the approach proposed - nor how it has used such to critically assess which modern people development practices the church should adopt and which it shouldn't

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