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Tuesday, 22 January 2013

#takeaways on making #ideas happen

this is my summary from this excellent post on a 99% conference in 2012 that brought 400 or so leading creatives and 18 visionary speakers to new york for 2 days exploring idea execution

Ideas - keep a diary and work on what you are passionate about TERESA AMABILEtackle difficult problems TONY FADELLinnovate from the ground up ALEXIS MADRIGAL, do something risky and off plan now and then JONATHAN ADLER, gut churn and right track pointers probably means you're onto something JAD ABUMRAD,  as does doubt TONY FADELL, take a day off, don't think about the problem, be spontaneous JONAH LEHRER 

People and teams - work as a member of an ensemble and call on each others superpowers KEITH YAMASHITA, diversity is necessary so get people who are really different from you ALEXIS MADRIGAL, invite others to tamper with your ideas, SCOTT BELSKYhire slow and fire fast NEIL BLUMENTHAL & JENN HYMAN,  love growing people's capability SCOTT BELSKY

Attitude - adopt a "yes and" attitude to others input CHARLIE TODD, trust the data especially when it surprises you and invent your own research process PIYA SORCAR, do or don't but forget try BARATUNDE THURSTONyou don't have to listen to anyone JONATHAN ADLERpositive, real and confident CHARLIE TODD, every dead-end helps you in the right direction SCOTT BELSKY

Implementation - set direction and then execute SCOTT BELSKY, have a solid business model from the start and find your niche JASON GOLDBERG, start doing, iterate later rather than forever dreaming RILLA ALEXANDER, know that sometimes the brief isn't right and you need to go beyond design to people PAULA SCHERcelebrate small wins TERESA AMABILE and ship within a year TONY FADELL, sometimes if you just ask you'll get something JAMES VICTORE, using tools doesn't always mean you're making something  BARATUNDE THURSTON 

Self awareness - ID your superpower KEITH YAMASHITA and the ethos that drives you,  reflect and reframe those awful moments to evolve JAD ABUMRADface your demons and get feedback from anyone who will share it, and do candid self-appraisal SCOTT BELSKY pull from the most personal areas of your life to create something meaningful and view your work as a gift JAMES VICTORE .

Customers - quality matters PIYA SORCAR, does it make people smile? JASON GOLDBERG, care about users getting a quality experience and take nothing for granted ALEXIS OHANIAN, listen to your customers, transparency and vulnerability always wins with customers, think about their long term (rather than just initial) experience NEIL BLUMENTHAL & JENN HYMAN, truth and uniqueness go a long way JAMES VICTORE

Stamina - perseverance JONAH LEHRER even when tempted by other ideas that look better, grit RILLA ALEXANDER but if your product isn't catching on, learn from it, and relaunch JASON GOLDBERG.

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