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Monday, 21 January 2013

10 #cofe #rules you may not know about

1) its not just vicars who can chair PCC meetings (appendix 2 to rules of representation)

2) in an emergency a lay person may baptise somebody (see here)

3) churchwardens can lead morning and evening prayer - save for the absolution (canon b11)

4) churchwardens can restrain people to keep the peace in a church and/or churchyard

5) in book of common prayer services only certain versions of the bible can be used

6) priests normally take oaths of allegiance to the queen, of obedience to their diocese bishop and make a declaration of assent as to their beliefs

7) ministers may not make known to others crimes or offences confessed to them (except where by the laws of this realm their own life may be called into question for concealing the same)

8) it is the duty of clergy and people to do their utmost not only to avoid occasions of strife but also to seek in penitence and brotherly charity to heal such divisions.

9) unless an archbishop of canterbury says otherwise you can't be made a deacon if you are under 23 years of age

10) No person shall be refused consecration as a bishop on the ground that they were born out of lawful wedlock

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