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Saturday, 16 July 2011

news international may not be the only rogues (g+)

this 2006 what price privacy now report from the information commissioner (found via cranmer who was pointed towards it by alastair campbell) includes the table below - which  - if representative  - lead me to think that - once we've all felt better about ourselves by giving news international a good seeing to  - then maybe we need to look elsewhere?

the table is from a response to an foi request on an operation motorman (in which 305 journalists were identified as customers driving an illegal trade in confidential personal information)

the table breaks down the publications the 305 journalists were employed by and a breakdown of their activity. it identified such from documentation seized during the operation motorman investigation and shows how many transactions each publication was positively identified as being involved in and how many of their journalists (or clients acting on their behalf) were using these services.

although some of these cases may have raised public interest or similar issues, the report says that no such defences were raised by any of those interviewed and prosecuted in operation motorman.

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