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Thursday, 6 April 2017

1min 36sec #tearfund clip - Hunger Steals - The Church Gives #letsbeathunger

Hunger is a thief. It robs people of their freedom, ruins their self-esteem and wrecks their dreams. 

But there’s one thing that hunger didn’t count on: the church.  Together, we can push back against poverty and hunger.  

All around the world, local churches are leading their communities out of lives devastated by hunger and into lives filled with dignity, opportunity and strength. 

We want you to join us as together we empower local churches to release more people from hunger. You can help us provide training in innovative, sustainable farming techniques that could enable families to secure a hunger-free future – even in a challenging climate. 

Whatever hunger has taken, the church can restore. Because however strong hunger is, the church is stronger. And when people are freed from hunger, they can step into a life in which they don’t just survive but thrive. 

We are one body; one church. Together, we can share the gift of life and help people take back what hunger has stolen.

 795 million people around the world have had their hope stolen by hunger. 

 You could free them up to live lives of security and plenty. #letsbeathunger

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