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Thursday, 2 February 2017

12min 7sec clip by @cinefix - 5 Brilliant Moments of #Camera #Movement

found via sploid

The 5 are .....

at 2:00 - 1) the slow push (or creep in) - its says look harder - a good eg is a dual push in from The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford

at  3:49 - 2) the creep out  - subject becomes smaller compared to world around them and we are backing away from the subject - a good eg is from 20th Century Women

at 5:29 - 3) turn away - its spares you from seeing something you know is coming and waits for it to pass - a good eg is from Marnie (Hitchcock)

at 8:00 - 4) distracted, loses focus on main subject, moves away from for no good reason - as though its lost interest in the story - a good eg is from The Passenger

at 9:58 - 5) the camera yelling, loud, noticeable - saying something big just happened - a good eg is from The Candidate (short film by David Karlak)

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