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Wednesday, 11 January 2017

3min 11sec animated @wef clip on #2017 Global #Risk Report - 5 main ones - 1) Economic Growth & Reform, 2) Rebuilding Communities, 3) Managing Technological Disruption, 4) Strengthening Global Cooperation, 5) Accelerating action on Climate Change

1) Economic Growth & Reform - from 1900 to 1980's inequality in industrialised world reduced - but 2009 to 2012 income of top 1% in US grew by some 31% (for remaining 99% their income grew 0.5%) - challenge is to improve income equality

2) Rebuilding Communities - decades of rapid social & economic change have widened generational gaps and amplifies issues of national identity and cultural values.  Politics  is increasingly defined by a climate of post truth (emotive public debate aimed at dividing public opinion) - challenge is to find inclusive ways to bridge sharp cultural divides whilst preserving individual rights

3) Managing Technological Disruption - technology is radically transforming our world and shaping the risks we face. 86% of manufacturing job losses in the US between 1997 & 2007 were due to automation (compared to less than 14% due to trade). Almost 1/2 of all jobs are at risk due to rapid technological change the nature of work itself is also being transformed.  We need new collaborative systems to minimise the risks of dramatic social disruption and increasing income disparity.

4) Strengthening Global Cooperation - in 2016 there were repeated signs of a fraying commitment to global cooperation and a renewed interest in building up national weapons capabilities.  Progress towards multi-lateral trade agreements slowed down and prominet verdicts of international tribunals were rejected - reflecting a general loss of faith in collective security mechanisms

5) Accelerating action on Climate Change - whilst the Paris Agreement has been ratified by more than 110 countries the situation remains critical.  The last 16 years were among the 17 warmest on record.  To limit the risk of catastrophic climate change we need to keep glocal warming to within 2C.  To do this emissions must be reduced by 40-70% by 2050 and eliminated alltogether by 2100

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