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Wednesday, 30 November 2016

brill 15min 12sec clip by @willschoder - every story is the same - based on joseph campbells

"the hero's journey"

a simplification of this by Dan Harmon into a story circle with 8 steps which are universal for any story in any medium

to understand the theory behind the circle ... 1st imagine it with a horizontal line across its midpoint
- the top of the circle represents where the characters journey starts and finishes (the ordinary world)
the bottom represents the world that needs to be traversed in order to grow (the special world)
- a ritual of descent and return

- and every story has a rhythm of balance Dan lays out in three dualities

so here are the 8 steps

the video uses the examples of the Die Hard and Star Wars films to illustrate the various steps

found via sploid

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