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Tuesday, 8 December 2015

#Leadership Characteristics - Heroes, #Wizards, Parents, #Poets and Athletes - from Matt Grant

Leadership Characteristics

Type 1 – “Wizard” (tend to be academic in approach and need data, don’t like surprises sprung on them and are highly principled – they appreciate honesty)

Type 2 – “Poet” (tend to be charming and fun, with excellent ambassadorial skills and an ability to get people to talk, but Poets can be high maintenance and moody)

Type 3 – “Super Hero” (Tend to be charismatic and inspire loyalty but highly political. Generous, until they feel betrayed in which case they become ruthless)

Type 4 – “Good Parent” (Reliable, team orientated & hard working, but can become an impressive martyr putting guilt trips on others when they feel insufficiently valued)

Type 5 - “Warrior” (Efficient, focussed, success orientated - unlikely to be over supportive as winning a fair game is more important than the team around them)

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