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Monday, 17 August 2015

20 #social media / #internet / #TV factoids from UK #ofcom 's latest annual report

Ofcom's latest annual report came out on 6/8/15 - their site has all sorts of documents, data and chart downloads from the report - here are some headlines

1) 4 in 5 households now have fixed broadband

2) 3 in 5 adults access the internet through their mobile phone.

3) Smartphone are are now the most important for connecting to the internet.

4) Smartphone users spend 114 minutes a day using the internet on their mobile phone

5) Half of 18-24 yr olds check their phones within 5 minutes of waking

6) and two-fifths check it less than five minutes before going to sleep.

7) 3 in 10 adults said they checked their phones within five minutes of waking up

8) 1 in 4 mobile phone users have donated to charity by text message.

9) Over half of households have a tablet computer

10) Almost a quarter of consumers claimed to have sent no items of mail in the past month.

11) 220 minutes of broadcast TV are watched on a TV set per person per day (down 5%)

12) 72% of people claimed to watch short-form video (on services such as YouTube),

13) 32% say they watched either daily or at least weekly.

14) 47% of internet users use YouTube as a source when looking for information online

15) making contact with family/friends 85% email, 84% texts, 80% face2face, 75% voice call

16) more than 7 in 10 adult internet users have a social media profile

17) 93% of 16-24 yr olds have a social media profile, 28% of 65+ yr olds

18) A fifth of Facebook users claim to go on the site more than ten times a day. 

19) 16-24 yr olds & social media  - Twitter (40%), WhatsApp (37%), YouTube (32%), Instagram (35%), Snapchat (26%), Tumblr (8%) and Vine (4%).

20) A quarter of adults with a Twitter account use it to air complaints or frustrations. 

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