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Tuesday, 4 August 2015

10 useful links (no. 14) - 000's of fb ads, #twitter data gather, you tube #tools & loads more

links to the previous 13 lists are at the foot of this post

Search through 1000s of Facebook Ad Images for publicity inspiration - found via @sethhinz

Table of tested software that can gather data from Twitter without programming knowledge - found via @was3210

live map of cyber attacks - found via mentalfloss

8 overlooked useful you tube tools - found via free technology for teachers

35 resources for nonprofit marketers - found via @sethhinz

list of free stock photo sites - found via #cmschat

50+ google tools tutorial videos - found via free technology for teachers

How to Understand the Bible—complete list of articles - found via bible gateway blog

5 tips for periscoping your church service - found via cybertheologydaily

free bible stories for children - found via @CofEChristening

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