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Thursday, 9 July 2015

13 mins by @pbsideachannel on the 3 #Laws of the #Internet - Godwin's (compare others to #Nazis lose argument), Lewis's (comments on feminism justify #feminism) & Poe's (parodies of #extremism are mistaken for extemism)

up to 2m 10sec ish is a general intro to the concept of laws

at 2m 45sec ish is the explanation of Godwin's Law - in an argument on the internet the 1st party to compare the other parties argument to the Nazi's loses the argument

at 5m 10sec ish is the explanation of Lewis's Law - comments left on a post supporting feminism will justify feminism

at 8m 10sec ish is the explanation of Poe's Law - unless an authors intent is very clearly communicated parodies of extremism will be mistaken for earnest extremism and vice-versa

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