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Thursday, 23 July 2015

10 useful links (no. 13) - reddit comments, facebook, newsfeed, social media, impact evidence & more

links to the previous 12 lists are at the foot of this post

almost every reddit comment as a single massive download - found via @boingboing

type drummer - found via kickstarter email

a field guide to the solar system - found via mentalfloss

Facebook's latest News Feed change lets you pick who you see first - found via ministrycommunicators

How-to guide to using web automation tools to collate impact evidence from social media - found via @DrHelenKara

social media data collection tools - curated by Deen Freelon and found via Wasim Ahmed and and #NSMNSS

social media research resources - found via Sue York and #NSMNSS

your personal vegetable growing cheat sheet - found via mental floss

disciplekit - discipleship resources reviewed

Connecting Churches and Communities Through Listening - found via @ChichesterDio

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