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Sunday, 28 June 2015

10 useful links (no. 11) - #tweet, subject, first, mindfulness, cities, uk, data, social media, #policies, train, europe, #facebook, least, video, playdough, #ministry, discipleship, collaboration,

this would do as an office

who tweeted it first - a tool for finding the 1st mention of a phrase on twitter - found via laughing squid

mindfulness resources from @LondonMindful found via @liminalspace

twitter's advanced search - found via buffer

uk cities data tool - found via @CentreforCities

train travel in Europe - how far you can travel from London & other major euro cities in 2 hours and then in 2hr increments up to 22 hours - found at the guardian via hootsuite suggestions tab

social media policies for churches - examples - found via @stevefogg

on facebook find out who you interact with least and make their posts show up less - found via churchmag

twitter video - see below
Okay I need some help with Twitter Video! Is mobile the only way to upload video to the platform? Is there a time/file size limit? Have you seen any results (good/bad) from using Twitter Video?

best playdough receipe 

ministry, discipleship and collaboration resources by Rachel Wood’s (Newcastle’s Diocese UK Local Ministry Development Officer) found via Robert Peers via @ling_tim

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