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Sunday, 10 May 2015

10 useful links (no. 10) - delete search history, 2015 social media, click farms, #twitter mistakes, #google cultural institute, #facebook changes, data visualisation, church projects, social media tips

how to delete or download your google search history

uk social media in 2015 - found via @was3210

dealing with trolls - found via an email from @abc3d & @hautepop.  

The Bot bubble - how Click Farms Have Inflated Social Media Currency - found via digg

Common Twitter mistakes and how to avoid them - from DigiProud - Easy Digi and Social Media Advice for Churches

google cultural institute - a great way of curating some images

Facebook Likes don't go as far as they used to in News Feed update - found via @was3210

types of data visualisation - found via an email from @abc3d & @hautepop.  

cinnamon projects churches might consider applying to do - found via @cinnamonnetwork

5 tips on social media for non-profits - found via @hootsuitepro

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