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Friday, 17 April 2015

10 reasons people don't use #socialmedia & some possible #answers and/or #solutions #chsocm @singingcarolyn

Carolyn tweeted the following about all the ideas and tweets in the last #chsocm twitter chat - which was on the subject of resistance to using social media in churches 

Carolyn Clement @singingcarolyn These are fantastic and I hope some #chsocm-er who blogs will write all these up... (hint hint) 2:38 AM - 15 Apr 2015

Well I took the hint and have created the table below. It summarises - to the best of my ability - the main themes I saw in the twitter chat.  

Against each of the main problems why people don't use social media the table then sets out the possible answers or solutions suggested in various tweets in the chat.  The "answer" tweets were not necessarily sent in response to the "problem definition" tweets.   I've also provided a link after each quote to the source tweet.  

Reasons people don’t use social media
Some possible answers and/or solutions
1) "I don't care what so and so had for dinner." Source
To which I respond "You don't have to follow them"Source
I make point people talk about what they had for dinner in face to face conversations. Sm photos no different Source

2) no time and it's too hard to learn and use all those "apps" Source

If not a part of your lexicon, it's complex. Hand to eye coordination, screen resolution, pop ups and ads, can be overwhelming Source

Offer training and mentors  Source

You have time to formulate your responses on your own time at your own pace. Can duck out at any time Source
3) Lots of people get stuck up on the idea that SocMed is about broadcasting Source

- rather than connecting  Source

I have tried to equate sm with email. We used to not have that. Would we imagine connecting with others w/o email? Source

4) Some won't join FB b/c they don't want ppl knowing their business Source
and I keep saying "Then don't post your business!” Source

FB allows you to spend your emotional energy at your own pace, don't share if you are worried about criticism Source

5) they want "real people and relationships." It's been a hard stigma to break Source

I let them know I have a friend of 13 years that I met in person a mere 4x Source

Perhaps 1 reason why some churches don’t have real relationships in social media is b/c they don't have real community offline either Source

I keep telling the stories of social media. I've given up caring if people don't think these are real relationships Source

I have done moving stories of real, meaningful relationships on social media Source

6) why is the web so taboo? Source

Christians were early adopters of the printing press, radio, & TV... Source
I like the Social Media Coffee hour or #SocialMediaSunday An adult class still works in my context Source

7) Lack of interest. In churches, I also notice a moral resistance  Source

I try not to laugh too hard at that. I try to learn that POV  Source
I like to tie it to what matters. Evangelism. Meeting people where they are. Telling our/God's stories Source

8) Everything from wasting time, why should I join something immoral, and everything up to i'm too old Source

Got to show them your success stories. It only takes a few, Source
I listen, then share my story. It keeps me connected with siblings, daughter, boyfriend & best friend - all out of state Source

9) For many smaller churches - the minister just doesn't have the time/energy for Social Media as another thing... Source

also learned their passions / interests and showed them how to connect to like-minded folks online Source

pick one thing and work it: like #SermonTweets, for example. Source
I use #twermon! Fewer characters! Source

create frameworks, networks to support a community around a skill that we don't possess as a group Source

Communications Strategy Source 2015

10) important to understand what the reasons are: tech is overwhelming, opposed to the general idea, current social circle not there Source

A big help is showing the facts. Showing hard numbers. Translating #chsocm language to plain language Source

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