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Saturday, 28 March 2015

10 useful links (no. 8) - hangouts, space station, domestic abuse, you tube settings, church projects, poverty, community, easter, bulletins, choral music, funerals, church growth materials

google hangouts on air - a way of recording things to watch on youtube later

when can I spot the space station - found via @dens

ending domestic abuse - a pack for churches - found via @Rest0red

an overview of Important Basic YouTube Settings for Teachers - by freetech4teachers

church urban fund resources on: Tackling Poverty in England: an asset-based approachReady-To-Go Church Community ProjectsFaithfully Volunteering - good practice guide for faith-based projectsJust Employment (+ its supplementary documents)

easter vid clips - a post by communicate jesus

church bulletins - 20 insights and 10 examples - a post by @cmsucks

free choral music - or you can be a patron for as little as 66p a work

thoughts on arranging of funerals - by Richard Harris

church growth - from evidence to action - working materials

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