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Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Comparing countries in #Europe: life expectancy, #employment rate, access to passenger flights, urban or rural, GDP

This European Commission report  - Investment for Jobs & Growth - from July 2014 has some interesting comparative maps and graphics covering Europe.  ( I found the report via @conradhackett  )

Its the 6th report on economic, social and territorial cohesion. 

As reproduction is authorised provided the source is acknowledged I've included below some of the maps that caught my eye.  The report has loads more that might interest you - so its worth a quick skim

Life expectancy: darkest brown = 77 deepest green = 85 - for EU 2011 & USA 2010

Employment rate for 20 to 64 yr olds: green = higher, brown = lower  - as at 2013

Access to passenger flights: red = most, green = least  - as at 2012

Urban or rural: predominantly urban = red, predominantly rural = green

GDP (PPS) per head:  red = lowest, green = highest  - as at 2011

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