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Friday, 20 February 2015

10 ideas for a #goodlent - from last nights event @StPaulsLondon Cathedral with @JustinWelby hosted by @CanonOakley organised by @StPaulsForum

Great to be to hear speak of a such a gift to our church

The event was free between 6.30 & 8pm on Thursday 19/2/15 and is the 1st of a series a of Lent/Easter events that @StPaulsForum have organised.  At the foot of this post is a video of the event that St. Pauls posted.

So my thanks to @StPaulsForum for the event and here goes with the 10 ideas I most liked - in no particular order

1) Listen & Quiet
  1. Wonderful, thought chewing evening at with . Secret to not so secret: listen to God, pray in the quiet

so ......turn off the distractions
  1. Silence: turn off the phone and the telly and take 10 -15 minutes, bring the wondering thoughts to God. Justin Welby

2) Read Luke
  1. Lent challenge to listen. Read Luke's gospel - what does it say , mean and what am I going to do about it.

3) Speak less
  1. We can fast from having to speaking about things for a while. Justin Welby

  1. I quite often go into a meeting and write on the top of the agenda, shut up! to himself Justin Welby

4) Peace time
  1. Spending time where you know you can find peace

5) Pray honestly & outwardly

6) Love someone a little more
  1. Don't beat yourself up! Do something extra, love someone a little more that you find difficult and don't tell them! Justin Welby

  1. A for the Church is taking up the habit of paying attention to those with whom we disagree

7) So for a parish church ....
  1. Parish: get together for a simple meal, bit of time in silent prayer, talk about what it's like to be Christians. Justin Welby

  1. we hear God in the most unlikely places when we listen collectively Justin Welby

8) Send me

  1. Here am I, send me - the emphasis needs to be on send, not me. Mark Oakley

9) Fasting
  1. Fast from something other than food: try giving up TV and use the silence for silence - half an hour, the adverts... Justin Welby

10) Meet people as if Christ
  1. Benedict says that you must meet everyone as if they were Christ. Justin Welby

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