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Saturday, 31 January 2015

#Davos 2015 - Sustainable Development Demystifying the Facts @wef

1st 3 questions

Q1) in the last 20 years the proportion of people living in extreme poverty?
A1) Its halved  - proportion  - no's may have increased as population has got bigger

Q2) how many of the world's 1 year old children are vaccinated against measles?
A2) 8 in 10

Q3) how many children will there be in the world in 2100 (2 billion now)- what do the experts predict - 2b, 3b or 4b?
A3) 2 billion

When he asked some chimps - by banana's labeled with 3 possible answers to each Q - a shad been presented to the audience - they got the answers more right than the audience at Davos - or indeed the general public in USA or Switzerland when asked the same Q's with the same 3 options

So when people answer worse than random it means that the problem isn't lack of knowledge - its because you are carrying pre-conceived idea

demonstrates a basic lack of knowledge about the world

then he shows (go to 6 min 33 seconds) in the video his bubble graph that shows since 1964 child mortality decreasing across the world as no. of children does also

he then looks at income (go to 10 minutes 57 seconds) and child mortality

and ebola (go to 14 minutes 27 seconds)

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