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Monday, 12 January 2015

10 useful links (no. 4) - uk #poverty, online resources for churches, social media lessons, #lent, mental health, 64 twitter resources, #spirituality, internet quote

uk poverty look up tool - found via @thechurchmouse

online resources for churches - found via @dgirardier

buffer's 10 social media lessons we learned about in 2014

church urban fund lent resources

diocese of winchester lent course

passion plays - info about and resources in UK 

mind & health - exploring christianity and mental health

a list of 64 twitter resources - by @dgirardier

rsa spiritualise report

just a good quote ....

Kudos to this reporter for quoting correctly: If the Internet is changing heads, what's it doing to hearts? #chsocm

10 Useful Links posts 

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