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Thursday, 18 December 2014

10 useful links (no. 2) prayer, Lent 2015, soundbox, church leadership, xmas resources, euro stats, @c_of_e talent pool report

prayer spaces in schools website - with stories, suggestions and guidance

christmas prayer spaces, by Sharon Ross Ensor & Anna Davis found via Steve Kersys

do 40 acts together for 2015 lent - provides you with online and printable resources to guide you through a generous Lent as a community, and for 2015 there is a new student resource

a minimalist, beautiful and fun soundbox - go to the site and press different letter keys for different sounds - found via reddit user 7ang33k

Senior Church Leadership A Resource for Reflection - found via Thinking Anglicans 

more than a manger - Christian Aid downloadable resource explores how Jesus’ miraculous birth challenged people’s expectations

european statistics - and the help page - found via @EU_Eurostat

milton jones (uk 1 liner comedian) on christmas - I rather like this

CofE's talent pool report - go here to see my summary

All I Want For Christmas Is You - Christmas Charity Single - Mariah Carey - Out of the Blue - found via @His_Grace

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