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Tuesday, 11 November 2014

#remembrance and #poppies

Some complain that they see an overwhelming pressure to wear a red poppy in the UK

- on those in the public sight - business leaders, newsreaders, shop assistants

- and by association the rest of us

Maybe that's because wearing a poppy is interpreted wrongly 

as been a symbol that the wearer is a supporter of all past wars or any current one

But of course that isn't really what is true. 

People wear poppy's - or not - for different reasons:

- to remember to take time to simply remember;

- to remember those who reminded us of the humanity of our enemies;

- to remember our mates or family or parents or grandparents or ancestors killed in service;

- to remember the civilians who were killed;

- to remember the extra-ordinary courage people showed;

- to remember that war should always be the last resort not the first;

- to remember the courage of those in service doing their bit to protect others;

- to remember the vast numbers of those killed in war and the cost to those who survived;

- to remember the leaders who steadied nerves, told us truths and who saved lives;

- to remember that political and military blunders led to many deaths;

- to remember in the 2 minutes silence all of the above and none and more;

- and that we will remember them.

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