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Monday, 8 September 2014

11 things #atheists wish others (incl. #christians) knew about them (from a USA southern state perspective)

found at patheos via a tweet by @rachelheldevans - the video is around 16 minutes long

In Summary

1) We have morals too.
2) You don't know us better than we know ourselves.
3) We don't deep down believe in your particular God.
4) We don't hate your particular God.
5) We don't all disbelieve because something bad happened to us.
6) Believing isn't a choice (see his explanation that starts around the 7.05 mark to hear his reasoning).
7) Most of us used to be Christians too (said in a USA southern state context).
8) Quoting the Bible doesn't work like a Jedi mind trick.
9) We don't worship the devil.
10) Hell doesn't scare us. To us, it doesn't even make sense.
11) Not all of us are anti-theists.

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