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Wednesday, 23 July 2014

8 challenges for the next 50 years

these headlines are summarised from this OECD economic policy report no. 9 of July 2014 by Henrik Braconier, Giuseppe Nicoletti and Ben Westmore

1) With most key regions below crisis levels 5 years later after it started -policies need to be very accommodative

2) There will be a major shift of economic balance - towards emerging economies, particularly those in Asia.

3) Global growth prospects will be mediocre -
compared with the past, and population ageing will result in a decline in the potential labour force. 

4) Especially in Asia, growth could be curbed further by the rising economic damages from 
environmental degradation

5) Global integration is likely to continue, but at a slower pace

6) Policy changes will be needed to accelerate global integration, make institutions more resilient to shocks, curb emissions to mitigate climate change and make the most of the knowledge economy.

7) The beneficiaries of higher education will need to carry a larger share of the funding burden for such

8) If left un-addressed increases in earning inequality and costs of adjustment could eventually backlash on stability and growth. 

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