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Monday, 30 June 2014

your meant to do this but instead - 3 "you don't get it " messages to the privileged & powerful

1) We don't trust you - any more

- sports team owners
who treat our passion as just a business to buy with leveraged debt
which mortgage's almost all of the future income
to give you current wealth 
and the club nothing in the long term

- politicians
whose expenses claims would get any of the rest of us fired
whose pensions the rest of us dream of
and whose sell out to big money lobbying interests ignores our voice between elections

- bankers & financial advisers
who as free market capitalists have taken the biggest bail out any industry as ever received
& who as people who asked for our trust ...
forgot to tell us how much of our money you were skimming into your back pocket

- estate agents/realators
who we thought were acting on our behalf
but who it turned out were just acting on your own

2) We see its a con

- you just make sure your type of folk and your family and pals get more 

- and get away with more

- whilst we get less 

- and get away with less

3) We c u flaunting it

- with your self publicity in the media you own

- and the values you leak into the mock-u-documentary TV shows

- but remember - history teaches eventually gross inequality is always overthrown

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