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Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Strategy Subject Checklist - based on @cofe HQ & diocese #cofestrategy docs I could find online

This information is sourced from the Diocese and CofE websites during May and June 2014.

Where I have added subjects which I couldn't find in the source documents and pages then these are in red font.

This is the 2nd weekly Wednesday post on #cofestrategy and the idea is you can use it as a prompt for possible subjects your strategy might cover.

The 1st post in this series was Strategy Headline Statements – a summary of key words each diocese uses.

The 2nd post  (this) was Strategy Subject Checklist - a summary of key subjects covered by diocese strategy.

The 3rd post was on Strategy Measures -  a summary of those used by the various diocese strategy.

The 4th post was on Strategy Best Practice - 10 thoughts to ponder.

The 5th post was a Summary of each diocese strategy with links to key documents and websites

The 6th post was a Selection of the graphics & analogies used in some of the diocese strategy

The 7th post was Theology/thinking behind some of the various cofe strategy - with links to documents


- Spiritual & Numerical Growth

- Prayer & the Holy Spirit

- Mission & Evangelism

- Disciples and Pilgrims

- Rules of Life

- Environment

- Different forms of worship and church community

- Small Groups

- Seasons and Festivals

- Faith, Justice, Mercy, Humility, Hope, Freedom, Compassion, Love

Co-operation & Engagement

- Your local community & schools

- Other churches and faiths

- The poor, the weak, the disadvantaged

- The rich, the strong, the advantaged

- Children, Teenagers, Young Adults, Young Families

- Disability, Mental Health

- Sports, Creative Arts

- Social Media


- Teaching, Training, Development and Nurture (initial and lifelong)

- Leadership

- The number and types of lay and ordained ministry and how they are deployed and structured

- Income, Stewardship, Parish Share

- Mission opportunity funding

- Use and maintenance of church buildings and the issue of closures

- Diocese support/service to parishes


- 5 marks of mission

- Mission/Growth Action Planning

- Diocese/Deanery oversight and support to parishes

- Participation, Empowerment, Collaboration, Consultation, Communication, Feedback

- Accountability and Responsibility

- Change, Flexibility and Decision Making

- Strategy measures, timescales, review/audit and update

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