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Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Strategy Measures - based on @cofe HQ & diocese #cofestrategy docs I could find online

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This information is sourced from the Diocese and CofE websites during May and June 2014.

Where I have added comments for clarity (or as ideas) which I couldn't find in the source documents and pages then these are in red font.

This is the 3rd weekly Wednesday post on #cofestrategy.  The idea is you can use it as a prompt for possible ways of measuring the achievement of your strategy.

The 1st post in this series was Strategy Headline Statements – a summary of key words each diocese uses.

The 2nd post was Strategy Subject Checklist - a summary of key subjects covered by diocese strategy.

The 3rd post  (this) was on Strategy Measures -  a summary of those used by the various diocese strategy.

The 4th post was on Strategy Best Practice - 10 thoughts to ponder.

The 5th post was a Summary of each diocese strategy with links to key documents and websites

The 6th post was a Selection of the graphics & analogies used in some of the diocese strategy

The 7th post was Theology/thinking behind some of the various cofe strategy - with links to documents

Numerical Growth Measures

- Worshipping numbers - growth year by year
- a Mission Action Plan  - updated annually for each parish
- No. of new church communities formed or planted - per year against a target
- No. of adults and children involved in Fresh Expression forms of church
- No. of young people involved in the local christian community (aim ='d to double the no.)
- Average weekly attendance (AWA) - adults & children
- Average age of adult AWA (where the aim was to reduce the average age)
- No. of Alpha like Nurture Courses run annually for seekers
- At least one pioneer minister in each Deanery
- No. attending worship as % of local population
- % by age category of  those attending worship vs age profile in local population

Spiritual Growth Measures

- No. of active prayer groups meeting regularly
- Variety of worship styles  - would require some form of standard classification
- No. of lay people equipped and commissioned to representing Jesus Christ in daily life 
- No. of members of bible study groups
- % of congregation on some form of helping rota (Sunday School, Coffee, Food Bank)

Engagement Growth Measures

- No. of social action projects serving the local community (target = at least 1 per parish)
- Every congregation giving to at least one national & one international caring charity or project
Proportion of children educated in C of E schools
- % of CofE schools in category 1 & 2 (outstanding and good)
- Clergy involvement in local schools to be focused on mission, chaplaincy role & leading collective worship rather than chairing the governing body
- Sharing good practice with other churches (measured by how many churches shared with)
- An up-to-date and visually exciting website for each parish.  
- No. of Weddings, baptisms and funerals

Stewardship Growth Measures 

- increase in income from giving
- increase in no. of planned givers
- reducing % of parochial income given as due Share to Diocese
- % utilisation of buildings - so use by the wider community

Leadership Growth Measures

- No. of ordained ministers
- No. licensed lay leadership
- No. of leaders trained by each stipendiary clergy (per year)
- No. of ordinands (target = increase by 50% - some aimed to reduce the average age also)
- Involvement in annual reviews and ministerial development and team development

Some General Comments

In looking across the various Diocese Strategy documents some of the measures proposed were explicit and some less so.  The measures were sometimes for each parish, or grouping of parishes or Deanery.  

At least one Diocese mentioned the use of a scorecard measured annually at Deanery level but also created for each parish.

There didn't appear to be any discussion on which of the measures where predictive in their nature and which were more historical in their nature.

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