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Wednesday, 4 June 2014

#cofestrategy headline statements – summary of key words each diocese uses

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Many welcome the CofE's adoption of the type of strategic language business has used for some time.  "At last" they rejoice "the church is focusing on it's environment and what it needs to do to adapt, plan, focus, measure and grow"

Others see this adoption as an uncritical rush to use strategic business language and thinking as a serious mistake.  "Isn't the great commission enough" they cry.

This is the 1st of several weekly Wednesday posts using the #cofestrategy I hope to do on this subject. 

The 1st post in this series (this) was Strategy Headline Statements – a summary of key words each diocese uses.

The 2nd post was Strategy Subject Checklist - a summary of key subjects covered by diocese strategy.

The 3rd post was on Strategy Measures -  a summary of those used by the various diocese strategy.

The 4th post was on Strategy Best Practice - 10 thoughts to ponder.

The 5th post was a Summary of each diocese strategy with links to key documents and websites

The 6th post was a Selection of the graphics & analogies used in some of the diocese strategy

The 7th post was Theology/thinking behind some of the various cofe strategy - with links to documents

 In this post I summarise the key words used in each strategic headline.  This information is sourced from the Diocese and CofE websites during May and June 2014.  Where I have added headings/text to clarify/comment/summarise which are not in the original text these are in red font

CofE overall - Contributing to the common good,  Promoting spiritual & numerical growth, Reimagining ministry

Bath & Wells - Changing Lives
Birmingham - Transforming Church
Blackburn - Going for Growth
Bristol - Releasing the Energy of the kingdom of God
Canterbury - Living Faith, Building Community, Transforming Lives
Carlisle - Discipleship 
Chelmsford - Transforming Presence 
Chester - Growth Action Planning where each church decides its priorities
Chichester - the strategy will be launched on Pentecost weekend 2015
Coventry - Worshipping God, Making New Disciples, Transforming Communities
Derby - Christ's presence in every Community
Durham - Working for all our Communities  
Ely - Imagining the Future 
Exeter - Mission Communities 
Europe - Living the Trinity
Gloucester - Journeying Together 
Guildford - Growing Communities of Faith & Engagement 
Hereford - Showing Jesus Christ to those around us
Leicester- Shaped by God 
Lichfield - Going for Growth 
Lincoln Faithful, Confident, Joyful
Liverpool - Growing in Christ 
London - Christ-centred & Outward looking 
Manchester - Run the race, look to Jesus 
Newcastle - Generous, Engaged & Open 
Norwich Committed to Growth 
Oxford - Living Faith 
Peterborough - Growth Action Plans 
Portsmouth - Ministry for Mission 
Rochester - under review 
St. Albans - Living God's Love
St. Edmundsbury & Ipswich - Growing in God 
Salisbury - Confident in faith & growing
Sheffield Growing the Body of Christ 
Sodor & Man - under discussion 
Southwark - Faith, Hope, Love
Southwell & Nottingham - Living Worship, Growing Disciples & Seeking Justice 
Truro Discovering God’s Kingdom & Growing the Church
West Yorkshire & the Dales As a new diocese created in Easter 2014 there isn't a strategy statement yet 
Winchester - Living the Mission of Jesus 
Worcester Love, Compassion, Justice & Freedom 
York Generous Churches Making & Nurturing Disciples 

If you think I've got any of these wrong please let me know via a comment on this post and please include a link to the document with the right information

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