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Monday, 16 June 2014

2014 #MIT Tech Review #Digital Summit

6 take-a-ways from Jason Dorrier's excellent Singularity hub post on "Our hyperconnected future roundup of the 2014 MIT Tech Review Digital Summit" and 1 of my own

1) We won’t run apps, apps will run themselves, anticipating our needs and responding to voice or gesture.

2) Traditional devices will be replaced by a combo of devices embedded in our environment and worn on our bodies. 

3) Machines will be better at the cognitive parts of  professions (e.g. medicine - diagnosis and prescription)

4) The Internet of Things means almost everything will have a chip which measures and more efficiently and automatically controls our homes and cities. 

5) All these devices and systems in our homes will talk to each, coordinating their functions. 

6) “If you’re not paying for the product, then you are the product.” so in a world bristling with sensors and chips advertisers/government/hackers will know and exploit intimate personal data and in a network of 25 or 50 billion connected devices it’s easy to imagine a physical world as buggy as a laptop at the turn of the century.

and my own input

7) In the face of in world of global commercial entities local smaller geographically focused governments become increasingly powerless 

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