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Tuesday, 22 April 2014

It looks like this generation of #politicians "do religion"

Back in 2003 the Telegraph reported that "Alastair Campbell, Tony Blair's director of strategy and communications, intervened in a recent interview to prevent the Prime Minister from answering a question about his Christianity. "We don't do God," Mr Campbell interrupted".

But the times they appear to be changing - at least if you look at the various political party leaders' easter messages below.

Now it might be a sign of old age but I can't remember this level of Easter messaging going on before from UK political parties.  Which  - if true - raises the obvious question of what has changed? - some possible answers are ....

A) the next election is going to be very tight - religious affiliation is higher amongst older voters whose turnout rates at elections to vote is higher than younger people

B) the political parties have finally worked out that atheists are not a significant % of the population whereas agnostics or faith professing individuals are

C) like much else our politics is becoming americanized

whatever you think here are those happy easter messages

1st we had David Cameron's 9/4/14 happy easter message

then there was Nick Clegg's 14/4/14 happy easter message

then there was Ed Milliband's 18/4/14 Easter message  (I couldn't find a too camera piece)

then there was Nigel Farage on ITV's Daybreak saying Cameron was mimicking what Ukip had been saying for years (Telegraph article here),

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