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Thursday, 10 April 2014

Do we #trust #politicians? - Maria Miller Poll

ComRes interviewed 1,015 British adults online on 9/4/14 on the subject of her resignation and then the data was weighted to be representative of all GB adults aged 18+. 

Here's the data, and here's my 10 headlines from it

1) In terms of her over-claiming expenses and her resignation statement 49% think its made no difference to how they trust politicians and 49% think its made them trust politicians less

2) 88% think she was right to resign and 82% think she should have resigned as soon as it emerged she overclaimed her expenses

3) 38% think her behaviour on expenses is typical of some but not most MPs and 38% think its typical of most MPs, but not all

4) 49% think the problems with MPs' expenses have remained about the same as when they first emerged in 2009

5) 32% think David Cameron handled the problems regarding Maria Miller's expenses very badly and 30% think quite badly

6) 30% think none of the party leaders would be best at dealing with MPs' expenses if they were Prime Minister and 23% don't know

7) 76% think David Cameron showed an error of judgement by saying “we should leave it there” after it emerged Maria Miller overclaimed her expenses

8) 71% think by initially offering his support to Maria Miller when it emerged she overclaimed her expenses, David Cameron showed he did not genuinely want to “clean up politics”

9) 61% don't think that overall, the current system of MPs' expenses is adequate

10) 72% think that the way people act in their private matters, such as with their expenses, bears a reflection on their ability to do their job as a Minister

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