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Thursday, 6 March 2014

#10 things you may not know about #women and #work in the #UK

All this information is sourced from the excellent Women and the economy - Commons Library Standard Note

1) 67% of women - the highest % since records began in 1971 - are in employment (67% of women aged 16-64 in 2013 4th quarter quarter - the highest % since comparable records began in 1971) 

 2) 18% of small & medium sized enterprises were led by women in 2012 (estimate) 

3) 20% of FTSE 100 directors were female at January 2014 (up from 13% in 2011) 

4) The employment rate for women has now exceeded its pre-recession level (whereas that for men has not) 

5) 42% of women in employment work part-time (compared to 13% of men in employment) 

6) Over the past year, the number of women working full-time has increased by 3% whilst those working part-time has fallen by 1% 

7) Self-employed women number are up by 31% since March-May 2008 & the recession (for men the same figure is 8%) 

8) 12% of women in employment work as managers or senior officials (compared to 19% for men)

9) 14% of women are employed in professional occupations (compared to 15% for men) 

10) The gender pay gap is 20% (for all employees full-time and part-time) - for full time its 10% and for part time earnings were 6% higher for women than for men.

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