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Saturday, 18 January 2014

fewer #meetings for @cofe #vicars - 8 changes to how PCC work going to the next @CofEGenSyn (10-12/2/14)

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you can find the detail here and some background here  (ht thinking anglicans for the links)

apparently this was the result of an open consultation started october 2011 which led to some recommendations going to the archbishops' council's simplification group in autumn 2012 which they accepted in full

the proposals that caught my eye are summarised below

1) PCCs will only need to hold one meeting a year - in addition to the APCM (currently its 4 p.a.)

2) PCCs won't have to post notice of a meeting (currently they are meant to post notice of every PCC meeting at or near the principal door of every church or building licensed for public worship in the parish at least 10 clear days before the meeting is to take place) 

3) People can raise items for business at a PCC meeting whether or not the items are on the agenda without a vote on such (currently you can't transact business at a PCC meeting which isn't on the agenda unless at least 1/3rd of the members are present and 3/4's of the members present and voting agree). 

4) PCC won't have to resolve to transact business in an order different from the agenda (currently they do need to do this)

5) Only the minister and churchwarden will have to be members of a standing committee of the PCC - although PCC can continue to appoint additional members if it wants to (currently a standing committee of the PCC must consist of not fewer than 5 people including the minster and church wardens ex officio)

6) A minister will be entitled to be an ex officio member of all committees established by the PCC  - but does not have to be (currently it is a requirement that the minister be an ex officio member of all committees established by the PCC)

7) There will be an express power allowing a PCC to delegate functions to its committees. 

8) There will be a new express power allowing a PCC to regulate its own proceedings, 
subject to any specific requirements of the Rules or any other enactment  -  this change appears in a bit of the rules which cover independent examination or audit of financial statements and the examiner/auditor's rights to access various records and require information and explanations)

Of course some will say many of these rules were already regularly observed in their passing ....

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