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Sunday, 26 January 2014

#10 things you may not know about #Voting & #Values & #Religion in #Britain

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This excellent @theosthinktank report - Voting & Values in Britain - Does Religion Count? by Ben Spender and Nick Clements has just come out and an Executive Summary is online to download on their research page 

In summary what it says is:

1) Self-identifying Anglicans are more likely to vote Conservative;

2) Self-identifying Catholics prefer to vote Labour;

3) Self-identifying Non-Conformists have a marginally stronger association with the 3rd party;

4) The Muslim vote favoured Labour;

5) The Jewish vote was more Conservative;

6) The Hindu vote tended to Labour but in 2010 was more balanced;

7) The Sikh vote was evenly split between the 2 main parties;

8) The Buddhist vote was disproportionately for the Liberal Democrats;

9) Values voting issues like sexuality, abortion or family were mentioned by few respondents;

10) Public opinion is: firmly against more tax and spend; more authoritarian than libertarian; moving away from welfarism to individualism.

For the various caveats and nuances around these statements please see the Executive Summary

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