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Wednesday, 18 September 2013

#10 #internet #stats from #Ofcom’s 10th annual Communications Market report

the source of the 10 stats I have summarised below is this report from Ofcom

1) Web based text beats SMS - For 16 to 24 yr olds web-based weekly text communication is now more popular (84%) than SMS - the most popular routes being social networking [66%], instant messaging [48%] and micro-blogging [35%].

2) Meshing – using the web to interact with others about the TV you’re watching - 25% of all UK adults regularly use text/instant messaging and social networks to do this. 

3) Just under half of that 25% claim to do so daily - and a ¼ claim to do so several times a day.   

4) People who do this are significantly more likely to be - female, younger, from the ABC1 social group, with children in the household.

5) 49% of people now use their mobile phone - to access the internet

6) More than 30% of webpage traffic came from - mobile phones and tablets in February 2013

7) The proportion of webpage views from desktop - and laptop computers declined by 20 % points to 69% in the 11 months to February 2013

8) 74% of 25-34 yr olds - use mobile internet (up 40 % points)

9) But the fastest growth was among - those aged 55-64, increasing more than five-fold in four years. 

10) 75% of households  - have broadband and 80% have access to the internet

(ht to microsoft clip art for the image)

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