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Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Guide to #Comments (esp. #YouTube) for #creators - by @vihartvihart

via brain pickings - in summary the types of comments are:

1) the "give me my time back" comment - it switches the blame away from themselves to you for wasting their time - if comments like this get to you then it could be
       a) insecurity over how you spend your time
       b) existential dread - our lives are finite
       c) more existential dread - they don't get you are a real person

2) the "direct and shallow insult" comment - they comment not to put you down but to hide they are wasting time on the internet but are active and discerning participants - if comments like this sort mean something to you then you might be uncomfortable because:
      a) what if it is true?
      b) you are not secure in who you want to be
      c) existential dread - over the thoughtless sheep like behaviour of the

3) the "crazy town supernuts bigotry festival" comment - ultras polite put down or disappointed high horse - they truly think they are better because of one thing about their character/lifestyle/philosophy - and its amazing how such people can't see how their comment does not reflect well on themselves.  if these sort of comments still get to you then it could be because:
      a) conditioned defensiveness
      b) regret - that you allowed people to see your beautiful work
      c) existential dread - that humanity is terrifyingly broken and possible

other types of comments:
- the entitled demand
- the fundamental misunderstanding
- the creepy possessive

vi's approach to comments?

- creating is a wonderful joyful exercise whether you choose to share what you create or not

- all she cares about is that you can find something valuable interesting or thought provoking in what she creates

- she doesn't create things for your approval

- she has no power over you that you didn't give her and you have no power over her that she didn't give you

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