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Monday, 13 May 2013

#10tips or #ideas for your organisation from the 2013 99U conference

the 99u website recently posted some summary insights from various speakers at their 2013 conference

below is my summary/adaptation of the 10 that struck me as most insightful

1) smart messages and actions are important - but know how your organisation makes people feel Michael Wolff and Company

2) be cautious if your organisation too easily pats itself on the back Michael Wolff and Company
3) walk in someone else's shoes A.J. Jacobs Author /// Drop Dead Healthy

4) react to new ideas with "yes and" more than a "I don't agree .... " or just questions Charlie Todd Founder /// Improv Everywhere

5) if the majority of people leave a meeting without actions then the meeting should probably not have happened Scott Belsky Co-founder of Behance and VP of Community at Adobe

6) leaders should talk last in meetings Scott Belsky Co-founder of Behance and VP of Community at Adobe

7) Going to meet people to solve issues isn't possible all the time but it can be a game changer Joe Gebbia Co-founder & Chief Product Officer /// Airbnb 

8) some people think using text, some think using images or movement or experimentation - try not to just use one way when communicating Joe Gebbia Co-founder & Chief Product Officer /// Airbnb

9) if you want to be creative then you will get criticism Brené Brown Author & Vulnerability Researcher /// Daring Greatly

10) immerse yourself in the thinking of those who came before you or you really will not learn from history Tony Schwartz Founder & CEO /// The Energy Project

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