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Friday, 5 April 2013

global agenda outlook 2013 - 10 risks or issues

the following are the 10 key issues or risks that caught my attention or caused me to reflect when I read the World Economic Forum's report on the global agenda outlook 2013 (which was produced in 2012) ......

1) There is a lack of effective global regulation of global companies and industries

2) USA fuel independence may lead to their withdrawal from the Middle East

3) Trust has been lost - by the finance sector, by politicians.  Without a moral framework that supports trust the market cannot function.  Somehow money (or its ability to buy influence with politicians) needs to be taken out of politics.

4) People seem to now trust their social media contacts, circles, follows (so presumably this will fall prey to even more manipulation by those with money). 

5) In some countries the financial sector is not proportionate to the "real economy"

6) Is the spreading industrialisation and globalisation environmentally sustainable and will our hyper-connectivity lead to a risk of a systems failure with global consequences? (maybe this has already happened with finance?)

7) Laws governing data collection about people need some improvement

8) In the USA the time has passed when a president could get elected by only appealing to whites

9) It appears central banks and politicians do not have a solution to the Eurozone Crisis and the generally poor economic outlook

10) warfare using special forces and drones rather than tanks appears to be occurring - but is this a western centric viewpoint and what will China do?

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