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Friday, 12 April 2013

10 tips for a better #mooc @medialabcourse @audreywatters @makoshark

these are drawn out of the discussion in the video of the "classroom" for session 5 of MIT's Learning Creative Learning MOOC (massive open online course).  They therefore use ideas that Audrey Watters and Benjamin Mako Hill in particular articulated

1) allow open free enrolment

2) help users form their own collaborative learning communities where people can learn socially and contribute to and build knowledge

3) create opportunities for people to take an idea and go in another direction with it

4) use openly licensed work and locate it on the open web

5) build in ways in which people can solve problems together

6) encourage people to share and open license their work and seek comments from others on it

7) build a culture where people give credit for sources/inspirations for their work

8) create paths that enable participants to go into greater detail on an idea if they want to

9) make it easy to track changes on ideas and arguments

10) allow people to tinker with ideas and make public 1st passes at new approaches that don't need to be fully formed and sorted

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