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Thursday, 21 March 2013

predictors of church growth (cofe)

whilst surfing on this subject i came across the following

- statistics for evidence-based policy in the church of england : predicting diocesan performance - by Leslie J Francis, Patrick Laycock and Andrew Village Andrew

- which applied statistical procedures to the diocese 1991 to 2000 data (albeit not London)  - specifically the 6 separate c of e performance indicators 

- from this analysis it identified policy related factors which appear to be associated with church growth (or at least reduced decline). In summary:

1) non-stipendiary ministers as a % of all clergy - a higher % is good;

2) church closures - a lower no. is good;

3) female clergy as a % of all clergy - a higher % is good;

4) overall income - more is good;

5) change in charitable giving as a proportion of total expenditure - more is good;

6) change in no. of planned charitable subscribers - more is good.

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