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Friday, 29 March 2013

10 tips for a new approach to school and education

taken and summarised from Geetha Narayanan (2007): A Dangerous but Powerful Idea on Project Vision in India 

1)  the first component is Community Learning Centres in slums (often not much more than a room) where learning can be integrated into the life and needs of a community and whose key goal is transformation through developing capacity to transform oneself and one’s life;

2) the second component is hubs or Idea-Media Centres for leaning which is specialised and which have facilities and resources that can be shared with many slum communities and which can serve several purposes in different ways - as people use the resources to think, create, design and invent 

3) the 3rd component is having opportunities for people to go on an Expedition - to seek and work through physically challenging and emotionally satisfying challenges away from the slum

4) the 4th component is networking that integrates the Community members with each other and with the outside world

5) with all of these 4 components take an approach where learning is design and project based and where the projects are not fixed but emerge from dialogue and constant negotiation with the community and students

6) also embrace the core value of slowness through 3 layers – 1) looking and listening, 2) exploring and thinking, 3) making and being (the layers are not discrete, linear or sequential)

7) embrace unity and equality within the learning community using large blocks of time and grouping learners in collaborative, vertical hetrogeneous teams

8) have centre facilitators who can help learners frame their learning plan, research the topic and make decisions on which medium can demonstrate and showcase their learning

9) make learning materials using local content that can be re-used and produced within the community at low cost

10) focus learning on transformation of the self and awakening of the mind rather than on the transfer of knowledge and the acquisition of skills

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