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Monday, 18 March 2013

10 principles for #software to encourage #participation

summarised from Gerhard Fischer (2011): Understanding, Fostering, and Supporting Cultures of Participation. Interactions.

1) Changes must seem and be possible, easily shareable and should give users social and personal benefits

2) Support tasks that people value and do often

3) Make it easy to share changes and keep track of such

4) Help people be designers by offering as many alternatives as possible (hackability and remixability) and allowing them to undo changes

5) Differentiate between structurally important parts and those that aren’t

6) Encourage a diverse spread of willing independent participants who are able to express themselves and behave in a decentralised way

7) Allow users to be heard whilst providing mechanisms to aggregate individual contributions

8) Provide broad functionality for experienced users

9) Facilitate different roles like consumer, contributor, collaborator, designer whilst giving all opportunities to contribute early and migrate and interact between roles

10) Encourage seeding activities that have the potential to change and grow

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