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Thursday, 14 March 2013

10 guiding principles on designing construction kits

a summary of Mitchel Resnick & Brian Silverman (2005): Some Reflections on Designing Construction Kits for Kids. 

10 guiding principles from 2 decades of experience 

1) Design for designers – so people learn through designing 

2) Low floor and wide ceiling – easy for novices to start, able to support a wide range of explorations 

3) Make powerful ideas salient – not forced – design ways to encounter them as a natural part of design 

4) Support many paths, many styles 

5) Make it as simple as possible and maybe even simpler 

6) Choose black boxes carefully – the choice of the basic building block and what ideas within it remain hidden from view 

7) A little bit of programming goes a long way – enable them to do a lot with some basic elements 

8) Give people what they want – not what they ask for – observe how they interact and get frustrated and infer from their actions what they want 

9) Invent things that you would want to use yourself – we do a better job as designers when we really enjoy using the systems we are building 

10) Iterate, iterate, iterate – then iterate again – tinkering ability and rapid prototyping development is key

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