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Saturday, 19 January 2013

#top10 summary from 2013 state of the nation #poll of #britain

british future commissioned Ipsos MORI to conduct a 2013 "state of the nation" poll

2515 online interviews using 24 questions with residents of Great Britain aged 16–75 with the fieldwork taking place 23rd – 27th November 2012

data is weighted to match the profile of the population, scores are out of 100

my top ten summary of the findings is below.

1) me and my family - looking ahead to next year - had the biggest net optimism score (+33 an increase of 27% on the same Q in 2011)

2) the city/town/village where I live - looking ahead to next year - had the biggest % increase in a net optimism score (a 500% increase from +2 in 2012 to +12 in 2013)

3) people's negativism reduced about: britain (by 50%), europe (27%), british economy (47%)

4) pride - 61% would rather be british and people are most proud of the NHS (45%), the armed forces (40%), Team GB (38%) and the royal family (36%) 

5) the most divisive issues are: tension between immigrants and those born in britain and between tax payers and benefit claimants

6) most important for being british - free speech, respect for the law, speaking english, treating men and women equally

7) more likely to get to the top in this country - if you've been to a private school and more so if you are a man

8) 72% agree that the NHS is a symbol of what is great about Britain and we must do everything we can to maintain it

9) 79% think if large companies and highly paid individuals  paid more tax in this country it would make britain's economy stronger in the future

10) wrong track and weaker - 46% think things are off on the wrong track in britain and 56% think that due to the recession britain will be weaker for years to come

full report is here

ht to e church blog who gives a big ht to BRIN

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