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Thursday, 24 January 2013

#top10 insights into US working mums

the info below is info is sourced from a pew research article

1) working mums are ambivalent about whether full-time work is the best thing for them or their children; 

2) working mums feel the tug of family much more acutely than do working fathers; 

3) due to 1) and 2) most working mums find themselves in a situation that they say is less than ideal;

4) they’re more likely than either at-home mums or working dads to feel as if there just isn’t enough time in the day.
(Overall, 24% of the public said they always feel rushed, 40% of working mothers with children under age 18 said they always feel rushed, and another 52% said they sometimes feel rushed);

5) despite these pressures and conflicts, working mums, overall, are as likely as at-home mums and working dads to say they’re happy with their lives. (36% of working mums said they were very happy with their lives. An equal proportion of at-home mums said they were very happy, and 38% of working dads said the same.  However - for single mums with children under 18 only 27% say they are very happy compared with 41% of married mums, and 63% are very satisfied with their family life versus 85% of mums who are married);

6) 27% of women not currently employed  say family duties keep them from working; 

7) 62% say they would prefer to work part time, only 13% of mums who work full time say having a mother who works full time is the ideal situation for a young child;

8) Only 19% of americans think women should return to their traditional roles;

9) 72% of the public agree that too many children are being raised in day care centres as do 50% of mothers with children under age 5;

10) so the dilemma is that women are a permanent part of the workforce, society has endorsed this historic change, but public opinion hasn’t yet fully come to terms with the tradeoffs inherent in working and raising young children. 

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